Why Join NWSID?

Joining the NWSID puts you in touch with an instant network of top tier designers, resource providers, educational opportunities and peer networking events. Our monthly meetings enable lively discussion, deep exploration, professional enhancement and a few laughs along the way. Plus, we welcome qualified designers and PRAs of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations. At NWSID, we are stronger and better together!

Promote your Business

As a member of NWSID, you will be listed among our database of Premier Interior Designers and Resource Providers. You’ll be able to define your business, attract new customers and build your brand. Plus, our members have the opportunity to participate in high visibility trade shows, networking events and industry-related community outreach programs.

Stay Informed

As part of the NWSID network, you’ll gain access to information and events critical to the design industry. Collect educational credits and stay on top of the latest design trends, technological advancements and operating practices to advance your business. It’s all here.

Build your Professional Network

Get (and stay) connected to the best people in the industry. Solve your design challenges over a glass of wine and collaborate to make others successful. Our monthly events cultivate inspiring discussions, supportive problem solving and engaging business opportunities. Let’s talk!

Underscore your Professionalism

The Northwest Society of Interior Designers regularly partners with other industry-leading design & construction organizations to promote ethical and positive practices within our field. And as a pre-screened member of NWSID, you can rest assured that you are in the company of other professionals who value and uphold the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

Foster Education

The NWSID recognizes the value of a rigorous and progressive education. We work closely with local colleges and institutions to develop and maintain their interior design programs and to provide continuing educational opportunities to all our members.