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6327 W Marginal Way SW Seattle, Washington 98106

Nathie Katzoff has become internationally known for the stairs, wooden baths, and other functional art pieces made by his company “NK Woodworking & Design”, commissioned by discerning clients around the world. He is now focused on making large art glass abstracts, paintings, and sculptures, which he creates in his studio in Seattle. In 2021, he opened his own 5,000 sq. ft gallery where you can view his work.

Nathie Katzoff is a contemporary artist/designer drawing on time-tested traditional techniques with natural materials. His expertise is in large-scale sculpture and architectural-art installations, using a variety of materials including wood, glass, metals, and composites. He also has an extensive collection of large abstract murals forged from cast and fused glass which could feature as a luxurious piece of art in a home or spa.

The wild rugged coast of the PNW is a big influence on Nathie’s work, and themes of ocean and wilderness are infused in his work.

Images can be viewed on his website or please make an appointment to view current works in his Gallery/Showroom.